Web Services

Let’s say you’re opening a new restaurant called Sharky’s Sushi and hire us to provide your website.  Here’s what we will do for you:

Acquire Your Domain Name.  In this case, the best one would be sharkysushi.com  or sharkysushi.ca, followed by .biz, .net, .org etc.  The snag is, many of the good ones are taken so you may want to spend some time at whois.org and look up the names you want.  Once you have decided on a name (or names…), we will acquire them.  You many also choose to buy several different names and point them at your site, so if you bought all the Sharky’s Sushi names above you they will all lead to you!  The same applies for any common misspellings or phonetic spellings, but stay away from trying to buy competitors names.

Provide Hosting.  This is providing the space where your web site will live on the internet.  There are thousands of hosting providers – the company we work with is hosted in Canada, with domestic support services, very few outages, and good rates.

Develop Your Website.  This is a hands-on task and is actually is a lot of fun!  The best approach is to find some sites that you like, and note down what you like about them.  Is it the pictures?  Is it easy to follow?  The layout speaks to you?  Whatever it is, note it so we can incorporate it into your site.

Provide Maintenance.  Basic maintenance includes us handling all the “behind the scenes” software and security updates, and sending you monthly reporting on the number of visitors, etc.   Add-on services include monthly updating of pages to stay near the top of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), adding new pictures or price lists, etc.

A basic site will cost about $250 for 5 pages with some nice pictures, links to all your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), your contact information and the purchase of one domain name.  The annual cost of a hosting package is about $125.  So for $375, you’re set for a year.  Alternatively, we can provide this over a 2 year contract, for $29.99 per month for the first year, and after that a flat $19.99 per month.

The complexity of your site is dictated by how much information you want to share, and how “interactive” it is.  Adding features adds costs, but if it brings in new business, it’s worth it!  It also helps to have LOTS OF PICTURES.  The more the merrier, preferably in a high resolution format so we can modify them for best display on the web.

We will acquire the domain names, provide the hosting, and build your site with you so that SharkysSushi.com becomes a key part of your marketing.  We will maintain the site, do monthly search engine optimization, and keep everything working perfectly for a flat one time cost plus and annual fee.

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