Thoughts for non-profits

I have the good fortune to work with several non-profit and charity organizations.  Often led by volunteer boards, these groups want to keep costs low and focus their efforts on the success of the organization.  When it comes to bookkeeping, having a dedicated bookkeeper can allow for continuity over time, as often the board memberships change and the corporate memory for that period is lost.  By taking care of the regular monthly payroll, remittances, GST claims, grant applications and year-end filings, the elected treasurer can focus on the strategic needs of the society rather than learning the ins and outs of these tasks.

Working with one of the societies I was informed of a great money-saving organization that offers products at hugely reduced prices to non-profits. offers computer hardware and software including Microsoft Office, Windows, Adobe, Quickbooks and hardware from Dell, Cisco and Apple through CDI computers.  This can reduce your day to day costs greatly, so take advantage of it!

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