Guiding Principles

At Asyuler, when we’re selecting staff and working with new clients, we look to see if they share our principle and values.  A good business relationship based on common values and trust is always our goal.

Our values are simple:

  • Value for Money
  • Mutual Success (Win-Win)
  • Always with Integrity

Value for Money.  Save or earn more than you cost.  Some of our services are necessary costs that all businesses must incur.  However, once you step into the realm of seeking financial and accounting advice, the cost of providing that service should never exceed the benefits it will achieve.

Mutual Success (Win-Win).  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!  A happy client is one who understands and appreciates the value of the services they are receiving, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Asyuler to a friend.  Our job is to help your business succeed by providing great service and valuable advice at a reasonable price. We help your business grow and your good reference helps our business grow.

Always with Integrity.  The work we do will always reflect the highest standards of professionalism; no shortcuts or creative accounting will ever be acceptable to us.  We will always stand behind our work; the buck stops here as far as the bookkeeping and accounting are concerned.

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