Service Rates

Monthly bookkeeping and related service costs are made up of hourly rates plus some small one time setup costs.  The rates are $30/hr for Bookkeeping and Web Support services.

“How much will it cost?”

It’s hard to put an exact amount to how much it will cost as we have to see what we are dealing with first. As you can appreciate, the quantity and complexity of receipts, invoicing, staff and clients will influence the overall monthly cost.

For example, a sole proprietorship (no employees) offering trade or professional services to 10 clients a month would be roughly $150/m.  A landscaping company (no inventory) with 5 employees, a dozen suppliers and 30 clients will run about $500/m including payroll, billings, all reconciliations, remittances, monthly financials with walkthrough. So, depending on the size, complexity and services required by your business, a ballpark from $150-$500 per month will be a good range.

One-time Costs:

  • In order to set up your company, we will need a few hours to go through your current situation, which will help us set you up on our accounting system.  Please see our Getting Started page to walk through the process.
  • For new businesses, we can set you up with Sage One, free for the first year.  If you require more capability, we can recommend the correct version of Sage 50 to meet your needs, which you can choose buy through us at a discount.  For non-profits, Sage 50 is available at at a sizeable discount.
  • If data entry or conversion is required for client, supplier, inventory or other detailed information, this will be done on a per hour basis. We will provide an estimate of the cost to convert/import that data.


It’s not uncommon to get behind on paperwork.  WorkSafe BC reporting, payroll remittances, GST and PST returns, client billings, payables, account reconciliations etc. can easily get backlogged during the busy season. We’ll work with you to resolve these outstanding items and get everything back on track.

Ongoing costs:

The monthly service cost will depend on what you want us to do.  If everything stays organized in the handling of receipts and invoices, it may only require a couple of hours a week to pull things together.  If you prefer to throw everything in a drawer and hope it goes away, it’ll cost more :-)

For bookkeeping services, the hourly rate is  $30/hr.  If you prefer that we come to you, the travel time is also billed at that rate, to a maximum half hour.

Business Advisory Services:

Once we’ve got a handle on the paperwork side, we’ll work with you to evaluate new revenue and savings opportunities, streamlining options, business, equipment, or staff acquisitions, and any other analytical work you require.  Consulting is available at $75 for small businesses and non-profits.

Web Support Services:

All web development and maintenance costs are billed at a flat $30 per hour.  If there are any other related costs (e.g. buying your domain name, web site hosting, etc.) those will be billed at cost.


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