We currently offer several complimentary services to support your business.


The Bookkeeping service includes:

  • Accounts Payable, including entry of expense receipts and payment of bills (usually monthly)
  • Accounts Receivable, including invoice preparation and recording customer payments
  • Banking, including all account reconciliations and preparing deposits
  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation
  • GST return preparation and submission
  • PST return preparation and submission
  • WCB, Income Tax/CPP/EI  preparation and remittance
  • Bank Account, Credit Card and “On Account” reconciliations
  • Payroll (as required), bi-weekly or semi-monthly (15th & end of month), reconcile & enter employee time sheets, prepare cheques for signature
  • prepare ROE (record of employment) & T4s
  • Inventory accounting
  • Asset accounting (recording acquisitions, disposals, depreciation)
  • Monthly Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position (“Balance Sheet”)


Beyond the bookkeeping, we can work with you to prepare your strategic plan, the annual budget, monthly and quarterly targets, and performance measures.  With that baseline, you’ll be able to view the monthly reporting in a more valuable light, and make better decisions.

If you need to develop some operating policies for HR, Administration, Operations or perhaps drafting of contracts, we can prepare these documents as well.  For any contracting we recommend a legal review before finalizing any templates.

If you carry inventory, we are expert in excel and can provide pricing models, including exchange rates, duties, shipping, ABC pricing options and quotation templates.  The full inventory database of items can be exported into Sage for full tracking and costing.

As well, opportunities often arise that need some analysis work.  We will help you look at these opportunities to add or drop a product line, buy out a competitor,  add a location/equipment/employee, or any other analysis you need done.


If you’re looking for development of a new website, we can take care of everything from securing your domain (i.e., setting up the hosting, building the site, and keeping it high on Google’s ranking.

If you want to undertake e-commerce, we can also set that up for you, including the financial linkages required.

Custom artwork/logos, banners, and e-flyers are provided through a preferred vendor who does excellent work at reasonable rates.  If you already have a website, we can do maintenance on that site for you.  New pages, wording revisions, blog updates, etc. can all be done.


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